Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Association

Benefit schemes to institutional members:

an excerpt from the constitution of the association

Regular Institutional members
  • Can attend scientific conferences and seminars organized by the association
  • Will be provided with different publications of the association
  • Will have an access to reading materials and other information sources retained by the association
  • Listed in the publications of the association, that is, in Pharma Forum and Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Journal(EPJ)
  • Thirty percent advertisement discount is possible for products advertised on publications of the association
  • Twenty (20) percent discount is made for training of staffs recruited from institutional members and hosted by the association.

Special Institutional Members

In addition to benefit schemes listed above to regular members, special institutional members can get the following benefit packages.

  • Can make a non colored yearly advertisement on Pharma Forum ( which is a bi-annual publication of the association) free of charge
  • Can post vacancies intended to employ pharmacy professionals free of charge on Pharma Forum
  • Can list new products registered to the institution in Pharma Forum yearly
  • Logo of the institutions shall appear on posters, abstracts, or banners used during the annual conference of the association.

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ስለ ማኅበሩ አባልነት

መደበኛ አባላት

የሚከተሉትን መመዘኛዎች የሚያሟላ ሰው የማኅበሩ መደበኛ አባል መሆን ይችላል

  • ከሚመለከተው ሕጋዊ አካል እውቅና ካገኘ የትምህርት ተቋም በፋርማሲ የመጀመሪያ ዲግሪና ከዚያ በላይ የትምህርት ደረጃ ያለው፣
  • አግባብ ካለው አካል የሙያ ምዝገባ ምስክር ወረቀት የተሰጠው፤
  • ኢትዮጵያዊ ዜግነት ያለው፣
  • በህግ መብቱ ያልተገፈፈ፤

ከላይ የተጠቀሱትን መስፈርቶች የሚያሟላና ማኅበሩ የሚወስነውን ዓመታዊ ክፍያ ለመክፈል ፈቃደኛ ከሆነ ከኢትዮጵያ ውጭ ኗሪ ቢሆንም መደበኛ አባል መሆን ይችላል፡፡ ሆኖም ግን የአባልነት ክፍያ ከ90/10 የገቢ ምንጭ በ10% (ከሀገር ውጭ የተገኘ) ተመድቦ ይመዘገባል።

ተቋማዊ አባላት
  • 1.ማንኛውም በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ በፋርማሲ ዘርፍ ወይንም በሌላ የጤና ዘርፍና ተያያዥ ሥራ ላይ የተሰማራ ሕጋዊ ሰውነት ያለውና ማኅበሩ ለተቋማዊ አባላት የሚያወጣውን ዓመታዊ ክፍያ ለመክፈል ፈቃደኛ የሆነ ድርጅት የማኅበሩ ተቋማዊ አባል መሆን ይችላል፡፡
  • ተቋማዊ አባላት መደበኛ ተቋማዊ አባላት እና ልዩ ተቋማዊ አባላት ተብለው ይከፈላሉ፡፡
ሙሉውን ያንብቡ

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